Entrust your game to the experts. Our Cue Repair Services for Billiards ensure precision and performance, keeping your cues in top shape for every shot. Elevate your game with our professional services.

  • Top-of-the-line cue tip choices at competitive prices. 

  • On-site installations and fast in-house replacement services. 

  • Expert cleaning and conditioning services.

What Does Monarch Offer?

On-Site Tip Installations

Every pool player knows the importance of a cue tip. It’s the only thing that comes in contact with the ball you are trying to hit. The performance of a pool stick can be greatly affected depending on the condition of your cue tip.  

At Monarch, we can perform pool cue tip replacement while you wait! There is no need to leave your pool sticks and wait for a long downtime. 

  • Cue tip replacement while you wait. 

  • Expert guidance on cue tip selection. 

  • Fast and affordable cue tip installation.

Wide Range of Tip Selections

Every type of cue tip has its own special feature. Monarch Billiards provides a wide range of tip selections crafted to suit every player’s style and preference. Choose from our list of solid leather, layered, break, and jump tips. 

We also provide tips made from major brands. From precision control to powerful strikes, find the perfect tip to elevate your game and dominate the table.

Check out our list of tip selection and pricing details.

Send in Repairs by Mail, UPS, FedEx:

Not local? Not a problem! Please ship your repair to us with your information! Feel free to give us a call first so we can be sure to look out for your package 610-833-5100.

Ship repairs to our shop:

Monarch Billiards
ATTN: John Carzo
1206 Chester Pike
Crum Lynne, PA 19022

Ferrule Replacement*

Maintaining your cue quality means taking care of your ferrule as well. Our expert mechanics can help you choose the correct ferrule material for your particular needs. 

We can provide you with a selection of ferrules with different sizes, materials, and compatibility with every pool stick.

  • Custom ferrule materials. 

  • Fast and efficient ferrule replacement. Complete in 2-3 days.

  • Optimal performance from expertly installed ferrule.

Irish Linen Re-wraps*

A good quality Irish linen wrap can set a pool player apart from the rest. An Irish linen in perfect condition provides consistent strokes and can help ensure accuracy. Prevent slips and improve ball control every hit when you refresh your linen wraps. 

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our re-wraps enhance aesthetics and provide superior grip and comfort.

  • Wide range of Irish Linen wrap designs.

  • Fast and efficient re-wrap. Complete in 2-3 days.

  • Solid grip, expertly installed wraps.

Shaft Cleaning and Conditioning

Over time, your pool stick’s shaft can accumulate chalk residue and dirt. This impacts the pool stick’s performance, such as leading to inaccurate hits and inconsistent ball spin. 

Our meticulous cleaning and conditioning process restores the shaft's smoothness and removes contaminants that can degrade playability. Optimize your pool stick performance and protect its condition for a longer lifespan.

Why do cues need to be repaired?

Replacing your pool cue tips is part of your entire gameplay and part of maintaining your billiard equipment.

  • Enhance performance

  • Improve performance consistency

  • Prevent damages

  • Customize tips

How often should cues be repaired?

As a rule of thumb, Monarch recommends changing pool cue tips every year. The best indicator to monitor is if the tip is low. This means the cue tip is very close to the pool cue ferrule. Despite this, there can be other factors that will determine the frequency of changing cue tips such as. Read more about the factors here


The following cue repair and materials come with the latest prices, subject to change without prior notice.

Install Solid Leather Tips (Add a Regular Shaft Cleaning for $5.00 more)

  • Customer’s Solid or Layered Tip: $25

  • Triumph (Medium/Soft): $20

  • Triangle (Medium/Hard): $20

  • Elk Master (Soft): $20

  • WB Water Buffalo (Med): $20

  • Le Pro (Med): $20

Install Layered Tips (Add a Regular Shaft Cleaning for $5.00 more)

  • Ultra Skin Tip VS, S, M, H: $25

  • Sniper Tip: $35

  • Everest Tip: $35

  • Moori Tip S, M: $35

  • G2 Tip S, M, H: $40

  • Pechauer Jade Tip S, M, H: $45

  • Throughbred Tip VS, S, M, H: $40

  • Navigator Black Tip S, M, H: $40

  • Nishiki Black/Brown S, M: $45

  • ZAN Premium Tip S, M, H: $60

  • Tiger Oynx Tip: $45

  • HOW Tip S, M, H: $45

  • TAOM Fusion Tip: $45

  • TAOM Pro Tip S, M, H $45

  • Kamui Brown SS, S, M, H: $45

  • Kamui Brown “CLEAR”: $50

  • Kamui Black SS, S, M, H: $50

  • Kamui Black “CLEAR”: $55

  • Predator Tip S, M, H: $50

  • Kamui Athlete: $60

Fiber Backing Pad (Red or Black; Extends Ferrule Life): $5.00 CLEAR $10.00

Install Break Tips (Add a Regular Shaft Cleaning for $5.00 more)

  • Samsara: $35

  • White Diamond: $30

  • Tiger Ice Breaker: $35

  • Tiger Ice Breaker JB Orange: $40

  • Bulletproof: $35

  • Taom (various colors): $50

  • Kamui SAI Break: $55

  • Phenolic Tip/Ferrule: $45

  • C4 Break Tip $50

Ferrule Replacement (Does not include new tip)

  • Tenon Replacement: $15

  • Juma: $25

  • Phenolic: $30

  • Black Fiber: $30

  • Predator/Capped Ferrules: $35

Shaft Cleanings (Cleaned & Resealed for Ultra Smooth Strokes)

  • Chemical Clean: $5 - Removes some chalk on surface only, won’t remove deep dents

  • Regular Clean: $10  - Removes most chalk and minor dents

  • Steam Clean: $15 - Steams out deeper dents followed by the “Regular Clean”

  • Shaft Freeze: $15 - You'll have a finish that is smooth as silk/Must Leave Overnight

Irish Linen Wraps (Must leave for a few days)

  • Any Color: $60

  • Cut Slot for wrap: $35


How much does it cost to retip a pool cue?

Replacing a pool cue tip with Monarch Billiards would cost around $15 to $60. The price will depend on the chosen material of the cue tip and labor.

How to replace the ferrule on a pool cue?

Replacing a ferrule is not as easy as replacing a cue tip. The best way to have a ferrule replaced is to bring it to a pool mechanic.

How to replace pool cue tip?

The best way to fix a broken pool cue tip is to have an expert install a new one for you. Despite this, if you want to have a quick solution for a quick game, you can follow these steps:

  1. Remove the old cue tip.

  2. Clean the ferrule.

  3. Place the new cue tip on the ferrule.

  4. Sand the new cue tip and shape as appropriate.

Can you refinish a pool cue?

Yes. If you are not keen on replacing an old cue, you can have it refinished.

When should I replace my pool cue shaft?

A good pool cue shaft can last a lifetime if cared for well. However, heavy damage can warrant a replacement. Here are some clear signs that will prompt you to replace your cue shaft:

  1. Visible heavy damage.

  2. Warped form or bent shaft.

  3. Need for an upgrade.

How do you know if a cue is good?

The quality and performance of a cue will vary depending on the desired end result. Ultimately, the best cue for you is one that feels comfortable, performs well and suits your individual preferences and playing style.

How do you maintain a cue?

Maintaining your cue is critical for its optimal performance and lifespan. Follow these tips to maintain your cue's quality:

  1. Keep it clean.

  2. Schedule regular conditioning for shafts.

  3. Regularly shape your tip.

  4. Store cues in a protective case.

  5. Prevent excessive moisture.

  6. Regularly check and tighten the joint.

  7. Avoid extreme temperature change (DO NOT LEAVE IN CAR)