Three generations worth of expertise in handling pool table services. Monarch Billiards provides only top-notch services and materials for billiard restoration, repairs, and customizations.

  • Highest quality materials for pool tables and accessories.

  • Experts in handling antique pool tables.

  • Customizations with expert guidance.

What Does Monarch Offer?

Pool Table Repair Services

Our expert craftsmen understand the nuances of every pool table. Our team has worked with almost all kinds of materials and can provide expert guidance on which would work best. We specialize in repairing old pool tables and making them as good as new.&

Monarch also boasts a wide range of quality suppliers to provide replacement parts for any pool table service. We can upgrade your pool tables or restore them to their former glory. 

Our team also offers logistics for your pool table transports, disassembling, and leveling.

Billiards Services

Pool Table Refinishing

Monarch understands that not all old pool tables deserve the end, and not all owners are keen on buying a new pool table. Some pool table owners also prefer to keep the major parts of a pool table to preserve its value. We provide services for refinishing old pool tables and restoring worn-out parts using the same materials or better-quality parts.

Our experts can thoroughly inspect your old pool table, give you a comprehensive analysis, and provide the services and materials needed to restore the table. 

  • Inspection and evaluation of old pool tables. 

  • Detailed summary and quotation of required refinishing steps. 

  • Timely restoration of pool table parts.

Pool Table Reclothing

Every avid pool player knows that a pool table’s surface is one of the most critical parts of the table. It can significantly affect every player’s experience. The surface felt must be regularly maintained to preserve the gaming experience.

Depending on the quality of the table felt used and the frequency of its use, it will require reclothing. Monarch Billiards can perform expert reclothing for any billiard table. 

Our team uses the highest quality Simonis Cloth for pool table refelting in the market. This cloth is known to be the best option for optimum ball performance. Prevent inconsistent spins and wobbly rolls with the highest quality felt.

  • The highest quality Simonis Cloth and other extensive options for table felt. 

  • Expert installation of table felt. 

  • In-house services for pool table reclothing. 

Pool Table Parts Replacement

The performance of a billiard table can be significantly affected with a worn-out slate, let alone drop pockets with holes. Monarch maintains an extensive list of suppliers for every pool table main part or accessory for all customers. 

  • Replacement slate for pool table.

  • Leather work on drop pockets.

  • Cushion replacements.

Antique Pool Table Restoration

Not all pool table services can provide services for handling and restoring antique pool tables. This service requires finesse and precision. Our pool table experts combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art tools to restore antique pool table pieces. 

Our services span from restoring damages to replacing old parts, ensuring its vintage essence is preserved and further strengthened to serve you for more years. 

  • Antique pocket restoration and replating.

  • Antique repairs, restoration, and refinishing.

  • Antique parts replacement

Additional Services

In addition to our core pool table services, Monarch Billiards also does maintenance operations for your pool tables. Ensure that every game is fair and optimal with our leveling services. We also take care of transporting your pool tables from one place to a new location.

Never worry about disassembling and putting your pool table back together; our team can do that for you. We have a dedicated team of pool table installers and pool table movers at your service.

Contact us for more information about our pool table services at a fair price. 

  • Leveling

  • Disassembling and reassembling

  • Pool table transport

Why Choose Monarch Billiards Services?

Entrusting your beloved billiards table to a service provider can sometimes be difficult. As such, choosing an expert team is critical. 

Monarch Billiards has been in the game since 1948. Our company has seen every change that has taken place in the billiards industry, and we have perfected our craftsmanship over the years. With Monarch Billiards, you get decades of expertise and top-quality services when it comes to taking care of your pool tables. 

Whether repairing a damaged table, refinishing to restore its original glory, or providing custom modifications, our expertise shines through in every project undertaken.

Monarch understands the intricate details that make each billiards table unique. From precise leveling to ensuring perfect cushion alignment, every service aspect is meticulously attended to, guaranteeing optimal playability and aesthetics.

Monarch Billiards Service Area

Our teams are currently capable of providing services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.


“I became the owner of an antique pool table and had Monarch restore it with new felt, pockets, and other items. They then set up the entire table, leveled it, and made it play-ready. I'm absolutely delighted with not only the result but the quality of service -- so much so I purchased the entire pool cue/ball/accessory kit at their great store (which you have to see -- much more than pool tables there). This business is very professional but also family-owned, which I appreciate.”

- Jason L. West Chester, PA Yelp Review

“I have a collector's edition Donna Marie Olhausen Pool Table that was abused over four moves and a lot of years. Mark and Vince did a complete rebuild and refurbish. I would not call them mechanics; I would call them [craftsmen]. Their attention to detail was evident as I watched them work. Impeccable. I look at billiard equipment as a musical instrument. If this were a violin, the table would be the violin body, the strings would be the balls, and the bow would be the cues. Monarch gave me a Stratovarius. John and Sara are the best for help with equipment, cues, and tip work. I gladly drive for over an hour for their help. Their staff are enthused educators [who] know billiards. [It's] great playing on world-class equipment that is tuned to perfection. Thank you, Monarch, for bringing my baby back. The new cue Sara helped me choose is terrific.”

- Frank E. Coatesville, PA Yelp Review

“Mark and Frank from Monarch did a fantastic job removing my pool table from my basement. They professionally broke down and removed the table taking very good care not to damage any components, walls or doors. Reasonable prices and I didn't have to wait long for the appointment. Scheduling and payment were easy. I just sent a few photos of the table to them. No onsite inspection was necessary.”

- D S. Delaware, PA Yelp Review


How far does Monarch Billiards travel for services?

At Monarch Billiards, we extend our superior pool table services to multiple states. Presently, we are serving customers in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

How much does it cost to have someone set up a pool table?

Setting up a pool table costs anywhere around $250 to $650, depending on the size and complexity of the table.

How much does it cost to cover a pool table?

Replacing a pool table's cover can range anywhere between $250 to $600. The price will depend on the size of the table, the material you prefer, and the installation fee.

Can you refinish a pool table?

Yes. Monarch Billiards specializes in restoring and refinishing old and antique pool tables. This includes replacing the cloth, fixing dents, replacing pocket pins, changing rails and bumpers, and other services.

How do I know if my pool table felt is bad?

Use these warning signs to tell if your pool table needs to be re-felted:

  1. Visible damages (e.g., scratches and other signs of wear and tear)

  2. Balls get caught in the felt.

  3. Loose felt.

  4. Fuzzy or loose felt.

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