Cuetec Avid Chroma Currency Cue

$ 255.00

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Dripping with High-performance technology, AVID Chroma series cues are over-saturated with features competitors demand. Featuring the 11.75mm AVID glass-bonded low-deflection shafts, kiln dried vacuum sealed maple butts incased within Cuetec’s proprietary two-part resin coating, Duo smart extension ready bumper, and the second generation Acueweight system, make Chroma the undisputed performance and value champion.

• AVID Low-Deflection Shaft
• Super Straight Taper
• Tiger® Everest Laminated Tip
• Kiln dried vacuum-sealed Canadian Maple
• Abyss Metallic Paint
• Ghosted Cuetec Logos
• Duo Smart Extension Ready Bumper
• Acueweight generation II adjustment system
• Cuetec Cleansing Wipes (5X)

Every player remembers their first cue. A first cue is a special experience for a billiards player, it solidifies a player’s commitment to the game, and to the pursuit of expanding and improving their skills as a player. At the onset, this relationship between a player and their first cue is special, but just as the name reflects, other cues are expected to follow. As a player’s skill and performance preferences become more defined, they ultimately excel beyond the limits of their initial equipment.

With this very common path to higher performing cues in mind, Cuetec engineers set out to completely re-define the entry-level, enthusiast cue market. heir solution was to create a platform that was feature-packed and performance-focused, allowing players the ability to grow and upgrade with their equipment. Players of every skill level could now recognize their full potential with little more than their “first cue.” Today that vision has joined with Cuetec’s more than thirty years of experience perfecting glass bonding technology, leading to the arrival of the all-new Cuetec AVID platform.

The AVID platform is far more dynamic than any singular engineering or performance attribute. From the AVID shaft’s laminated tip to its patent-pending low-deflection construction, to the all-new AVID Level-Line butt taper, each and every component of the AVID experience was created to exceed player expectations. With forward thinking features like the second generation Acueweight adjustment system and compatibility with the upcoming ultra-light Duo Smart Extension set, the AVID platform was designed for tomorrow.

AVID cues offer performance that exceeds those of cues costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more.


Cuetec’s AVID shafts are constructed with multi-plies of glass composite bonded to A-grade kiln-dried hard maple. This advanced patent-pending construction and bonding process not only strengthens the AVID shaft, but also increasing the shaft’s dynamic stiffness while maintaining the feel and feed-back players require to grow and further develop their game. The .75mm bonded glass composite layers run the entire length of AVID the shaft, each layer is oriented to maximize performance and durability, the result of this layering is a shaft that exhibits the feel of wood, with the longevity and warp resistance of a composite.

Less weight means less deflection. Benefiting from their ultra-strong glass composite wood bonding construction, every AVID shaft features Cuetec’s Air Light front-end build. This construction allows the AVID shaft to be bored out more than 10 inches, creating an ultra-rigid cavity with far less mass, resulting in a more accurate and durable shaft.

At only .375 inches long (9.53mm), the lightweight, thin white sighting ferrule on each AVID shaft not only aids in aim contrast and depth perception, but it also provides a more familiar and stable platform for tip maintenance and replacement over the life of the shaft.

Selected for its consistency and neutral hit attributes, each AVID shaft is paired with an Everest tip. Naturally cured for more than a year, each Everest tip is meticulously honed, utilizing a unique vacuum lamination process that ensures the elimination of air between the tip’s ten layers. The red wear indicator lets players know when it’s time to get their tip changed.

Developed to further enhance each player’s ability to tailor their AVID cue to their game, the second generation Acueweight system utilizes a fused butt cap design allowing for more cavity space and the inclusion of spacers to move the balance point of the cue without adding weight or the need for costly proprietary tools.

Engineered to work with future Cuetec products, every AVID cue arrives equipped with a DUO Extension set compatible bumper installed. The DUO Smart Extension set will be available in July 2021. Please note AVID cues do not work with the heavier, original Cuetec Smart Extension.