Lucasi Hybrid Slim Shaft

$ 362.99

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Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flex Slim shafts take the performance of the Zero Flex technology one step further. This super slim line shaft offers all of the features of the original Zero Flex shaft with a smaller 11.75mm tip with a European (straight) taper for a true-to-aim shaft that provides the maximum amount of cue ball control. These shafts are engineered with the latest cutting-edge technologies to give players a giant leap forward in performance. Utilizing the TSC (Total Sweet Spot Construction) eight-piece radial construction extends the sweet spot throughout the entire shaft and provides the Hybrid shaft with the same hit no matter which way you’re holding the cue. Reducing the shaft mass at the tip without having to bore a hole through the center (unlike most other low deflection shafts) increases the performance of the Hybrid shaft while still providing a solid hit. Topped off with a Kamui Original soft leather tip increases feel and gives you the maximum amount of cue ball control and consistency.

Kamui Brown Leather Tip For Maximum Control & Consistency

Kamui Brown tips are crafted from the finest pig skin leather that has been carefully selected for quality and laminated to ensure absolute uniform quality and the best performance. Kamui tips have a higher elasticity and retain chalk better than standard brands, for a tip that absorbs momentum better, lets you add more spin to the ball at lower speeds, and ensures less miscueing than ever before.

TSC™ For ultimate performance

Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC)™ is a special 8-piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, resulting in unmatched power and ultimate control.

Shaft Type: Lucasi Zero Flex Slim
Cue Tip: Kamui Brown Soft
Shaft Diameter: 11.75mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Pro Taper The pro taper is more comon on most cues today. A pro tapered shaft starts at the ferrule and keeps the same diameter 12 to 14 inches up the shaft before starting to get larger toward the shaft joint. This keeps a consistent size of shaft when back and forth in your bridge hand.
Ferrule: XTC
Insert Material: Brass
Face Type: Piloted
Warranty: Lifetime