Predator PURE Chalk

$ 29.00

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Every little advantage matters. Pure chalk delivers consistent performance, every time. Trust your shot thanks to better grip, spin, and coverage. Pure chalk leaves no residue and eliminates bad ball contact with quality you can count on. Pure chalk stays on the tip better because of its composition, so you don't need to immediately re-apply after every shot. The ergonomic design gives a natural grip for an even application. Choose the Pure chalk that is best suited for your play style. Your game, your choice.


  • Consistency and Grip that You Can Trust (No Miscues)
  • Increased Spin Thanks to a Better Contact
  • Less Kicks or Bad Contacts Thanks to Less Residue on the Cue Ball
  • Longer Lasting: You Don’t Need to Chalk Before Every Shot
  • Easy Grip thanks to its Ergonomic Octagonal Shape
  • Sold by the individual piece