How to Measure Your Pool Table

How to Measure Your Pool Table

What size is your pool table? This is an important question when having your pool table serviced. If you are having the pool table recovered, cloth cuts come in different sizes, so we want to ensure that the proper size is ordered to fit your table.


Measuring the Playfield of Your Pool Table

The most common misconception about measuring a pool table is that it is measured from the outside. This is not the case, the measurement of the playfield determines the size. The playfield is inside the cushions, from the nose of the cushion where the ball bounces off, to the other nose of the cushion. See photo above for reference. 

The reason we measure the playfield instead of the outside dimensions is because different style pool tables have different width rails and the playfield is always the same. For example, modern tables have a much wider rail. The pool cue tip will only ever need to be at the edge of the bumper for play.

 Arrows showing how to measure the playfield of a pool table.

You can use this chart to determine your pool table size.


 Pool Table Size

Playfield Dimensions


39” x 78” or 40” x 80”


 44” x 88”


 46” x 92”


 50” x 100”

If the table is a 7ft, the playfield will measure 39” x 78” or 40” x 80. If the pool table is an 8ft, the playfield will measure 44” x 88”. If the table is an 8.5ft (called an oversized 8), the playfield will measure 46” x 92”. If the table is a 9ft, the playfield will measure 50” x 100”. Any larger than that is unlikely, but it could be a 10ft or 12ft.   

Pool Table Measuring Assistance

Table not put together? No problem, give us a call with the measurement of one of the pieces of slate and we can determine the size for you.

If you have any trouble measuring or have any questions, feel free to give us a call!

October 26, 2020 by Sarah Carzo
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