What Size Pool Table Should You Buy?

What Size Pool Table Should You Buy?

In the market for a pool table but not sure what will fit? Please refer to the helpful chart below for the MINIMUM room size requirements. A standard pool cue is 58”. The most common size pool table for the home is 8ft.

So, for example, if you would like to fit an 8ft table, you must have at least 13’4” x 17’ to use a full size cue on all the way around the table. If you have less space than that, you will have to drop to a 52” or 48” cue in some areas, depending on the room layout. If the 8ft is too tight, we may recommend purchasing a 7ft table.

Minimum room size according to cue length.

Please give us a call/email to consult with us regarding the best fit for your home. We are happy to help!

October 26, 2020 by Sarah Carzo
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