Is it Time to Replace Your Pool Table Cushions?

Is it Time to Replace Your Pool Table Cushions?

Has your pool table lost the spring in its step, so to speak?  That can happen with time. Years of use surely results in a lot of great memories, but you also need to keep up with maintenance. This will ensure that the table looks great and enables top performance for years to come.

Find out how to tell if it’s time to replace the cushions on your pool table and what you can do about it.

How Do I Know If Pool Table Cushions Need Replacing?

It’s a common misconception that if cushions were rarely played on that they can’t be bad. However, it’s a little-known fact that rubber needs to flex to maintain its natural spring, so a table that has seen very little use most likely will need the cushions replaced.

Rubber pool table cushions age naturally. As the rubber ages, it will start to negatively effect play. 

As you play, you may notice that the pool balls don’t bounce off the rails in the same way they did when the table was newer. If the cushions need to be replaced, you may also hear the sound of impact when the balls hit the rail. Instead of springing off the cushion and back towards the center of the table, the balls will roll in unexpected directions or virtually stop rotating. These are all signs that the cushions need to be replaced.

Billiards Congress of America (BCA) Pool Cushion Test

According to BCA specifications: “Cushions should react so that they conform under controlled conditions to the three cushion angles prescribed in the “diamond” (or site) system shown below to ± 1 ball width. The speed of the table cushions should be such that placement of a ball on the head spot, shooting through the foot spot, using center ball english, with a level cue and firm stroke, the ball must travel a minimum of 4 to 4 ½ lengths of the table without jumping.”

You can also visually inspect the cushions and look for divots or slopes, a bad cushion can be deformed.

Another cause of poor rebounds is loose pool table rail bolts. If the rails are not mounted tightly, this could cause poor play as well.

How Long Do Pool Table Cushions Last?

It’s hard to say. The lifespan of pool tables and their components depends a lot on environmental conditions. For example, pool tables in sunny rooms will have a different lifespan compared to pool tables in basements. Rooms with direct sunlight can speed up the aging process of the rubber being hotter and dryer.  Basements do not accelerate the aging process, since this is a cool moist environment. In general, standard quality cushions may lose their bounce in 12-15 years. Higher quality cushions like Olhausen’s accu-fast cushions are meant to last  25+ years.

Learn more about Monarch’s billiards services. We can replace the cushions on custom and antique pool tables, as well as carom and snooker tables.

We Provide Quality Care for Your Pool Table

If your cushions are damaged or worn out, we can help you bring your pool table back to life.

Monarch Billiards is a family-run company that has been based in the Philadelphia area for 71 years and counting. We supply and service all types of pool tables and accessories. Plus, we create unique, customized tables upon request. For expert advice or assistance, call Monarch at 610-833-5100 or contact us online.

June 18, 2019 by John Carzo
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